Blog vs Reality

I had a cup of tea this morning, but it wasn’t in this pretty Franciscan Rose cup, stirred with a vintage hotel teaspoon. But doesn’t this look so perfectly blogalicious?

Nope. In real life I had my tea in this worn out plastic NFL glass that used to have the San Diego Chargers logo on it, before it wore off. Sadly, it wasn’t made in a pristine kitchen, but sat near a small pile of papers yet to be handled.

around the house

I did get a few vintage goodies this weekend, including some pretty ornaments. Here are a few of them displayed on a Southern Living pedestal.

around the house

But here is the other side (the “real” side) of the buffet table, with a child’s library card and a pumpkin left over from Thanksgiving. It is still plenty firm, and I have been meaning to cut it up for the meat and seeds, but my good intentions are getting me nowhere.

around the house

On a purely bloggy goodness note, I did get five of these vintage bottlebrush Christmas trees for free at a garage sale last weekend. Yes, free! I spotted them in a trash box, and since I was willing to pull them out (boy, was I!), they said I could just keep them!

around the house

I guess sometimes life does imitate blog. 🙂


~ by bekaboo on December 9, 2008.

9 Responses to “Blog vs Reality”

  1. Love your trinkets! our pumpkin was sent to the waste site just last week.

  2. It’s a bit like those glossy home & garden magazines – I don’t think people’s houses always look like that! But it sure does look great when things are arranged and photographed … I love seeing your “treasures” on your blog. Even if that’s not necessarily true reality in your house 😉
    LOVE those Christmas trees 🙂

  3. Oh a certain vintage blogger we know will be jealous, she’s on the hunt for vintage bottle brush. At least you have a few bloggy goodness spots in your house. My house does not!

  4. loving those trees…..if only we could edit our lives like we do our blog posts…..oh the fun we could have

  5. Oh I love the trees! And the ornaments! I just won an auction for vintage ornaments on ebay and I plan to display them just like yours.

    Yay, Christmas!

  6. Good to know I’m not the only one with a pumpkin still hanging around! Awesome trees – I can’t believe they were in the trash! The things people throw away sometimes. (And Julie, I’m TOTALLY jealous!)

  7. great finds…:)

  8. You’re my hero! I wish all bloggers would show real life, not just when the house is clean or perfectly decorated. I know there are lots of times I’ve not posted a picture because there’s dirty laundry or junk on the counter. I’m so jealous of your bottle trees, you always make great finds!

  9. that sounds so soothing right now…i’m getting a li’l bit of a tickle in my throat. maybe after my bath while i read the new romantic homes magazine…sounds devine doesn’t it? I think those bottle brush trees are PERFECT….love them. you scored girl. I heard Big lots has bottle brush wreaths….

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