Oh, the whirlwind of June


promo dance, originally uploaded by Temeculamom.

June takes me by unwilling hands

To spin me in her dervish arms;

The whirlwind of her fleeting days

Obscuring gray and obvious charms.

The sun, the sun, is briefly glimpsed

His summer promises opaque.

But June twirls on at reckless pace

Impetuous wind that will not break.

Here is a quick poem I jotted down to try to capture the feeling of the past month. And some photos from the last two weeks. It has been fun, and stressful and enormously busy. Why do they put Father’s Day at the end of a week when the kids finish school and we have teachers’ gifts and graduations and dances to worry about as well? So not fair to the dads!

Pancake Breakfast for 300+ (Phew! Glad that’s over!)



Guitar recital at a Local Punk Rock Cafe/Bar



Gold Rush Days at the Elementary School




My sister’s birthday party



~ by bekaboo on June 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “Oh, the whirlwind of June”

  1. The gold rush days looks like fun.

    Kids finish the school year here in May (the 24th this year), so no conflict with Father’s Day.

  2. Yes, June is always so busy. Looks like our Junes were about the same! 🙂

  3. Looks like fun!

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