Spring Is Springing Up Everywhere

After an unusually rainy season, I am enjoying the signs of Spring all around me. Every morning, I see my hedge exploding with pink flowers, the busy bees bustling from one to the next, legs fat with pollen. My walks are fragrant with the scents of jasmine, wild sage and even plumeria, thanks to the wonderful gardens in my town. And the trails are bursting with oxalis, what my kids call sourgrass, a favorite treat when they were little. This bee was helping himself, so I couldn’t help but catch him in the act. But the thick stalks are crunchy and wet and sour, like a pop of lemon juice in your mouth. Hurray for Spring!!


~ by bekaboo on April 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “Spring Is Springing Up Everywhere”

  1. Aww what a funny little bee… its always makes me smile as they burrow and waddle around so busily!
    Sigh, yes all this bursting springtime beauty is truly wonderful… always so appreciated after the long frosty months of winter.
    Hugs xxxx

  2. It is nice to see the bees at work… they are becoming very scarce in this area. 😦 Happy Spring!

  3. Oh wow! I cannot wait for spring either!

  4. What a delightful description, thanks for making me smile.

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