Making a Few Changes for the Better

It’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to blog. It seems like my “real life” of kids, homework patrol, ferrying kids from one lesson or practice to another, etc. keeps me from hanging out in the blogosphere as much as I would like. I also tend to not allow myself to indulge in decorating the house or doing little things to make it feel pretty and homey around here.  I think I was raised to feel like pride and self-indulgence were bad things.

But I have been trying to get over those old negative feelings and allow myself the right to feel good about myself and what I can do to make this house a home. So I have spent much of this last month cleaning, organizing and decorating around here. Let me tell you, I still have a long way to go. I am a Flylady dropout many times over, but I keep picking myself up and trying again. 🙂 And then there is my extremely limited budget to deal with. We had to pay for my son’s heart catheter procedure (10% up front, and yes–it’s been a stressful month) and my daughter’s school trip to Washington D.C. in the same week. And my car has blown head gaskets, so we are going to need to buy a new (to us) one very, very soon. There is just no money to be had for home decor bought at retail prices. So, I am being patient and thrifty.  Luckily, I enjoy a challenge, especially if it involves bargain hunting!

So here are a few changes I made in our tiny main bathroom.

Here is my our new window treatment, courtesy of the Goodwill and the Graphics Fairy:

Total cost was $1 for the sweet little loop valance.  The bottles, some vintage, some new, I already had, but they look much prettier with the Graphics Fairy’s vintage labels, don’t they?   I think it really softens up this ugly window which has been bare since we moved in over a year ago.   Here are some close-ups of a couple of the labels:

Vintage Label from the Graphics Fairy

vintage Parisien Label from the Graphics Fairy

Aren’t they pretty?  And I love the little collection of old crochet hooks and bone needles.  I got that at a thrift shop for .50 cents a few years back.

I found this MacKenzie Childs cookie jar at the Goodwill for $5.99 (but it was 1/2 off of that), but it retails for $52 or online.  Not bad to hold our soap, huh?


And the Graphics Fairy had the perfect vintage labels for my old pharmacy jars.  I snatched these up for a song at the Goodwill a couple of years ago:

Vintage Pharmacy Labels From the Graphics Fairy

I also tore the tired ivy off of an old wreath, and glued some spare feathers into the tail of this little vintage Christmas bird and sat him in this nest to pare with this hydrangea painting I bought for $6 last year. And I already had the little mirror tray, vintage owl and shell basket; I just hadn’t put them together yet.



So, I feel like I got a whole new bathroom, and my total new cost was $4.99. I’ll share some more soon, as I’m bound and determined to make time to decorate and time to be online.

~ by bekaboo on February 9, 2011.

5 Responses to “Making a Few Changes for the Better”

  1. So pretty. You are really good at putting all those things together- I am so not! Love the labels!

  2. There’s nothing more fun than a thrifty redo… looks great! and… don’t you just love the graphics fairy??!!!!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Yes, the Graphics Fairy really does have the best vintage images ever!

  4. You are so awesome at thrifty deals and making the sweetest vignettes. Thank you for posting, more please!

  5. I know about expenses – we have our youngest in college and it’s just one thing after another. I keep reminding myself that we’re fortunate to even have the option to help him out. I’m trying to finish prettying up my home as well. The last few days I’ve torn apart my kitchen and have been repainting. Lots of work but it’s so nice to have the grime and smudges gone and fresh new color. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the shelves and clutter – clean it and put it back up, let it go? Decisions, decisions. I really love the French graphics you found, thanks for the link!

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