Paintball Birthday Fun

IMG_8416, originally uploaded by Temeculamom.

Basketball season is over, and my niece, Emily, whom I usually take to and from school, since Jeremy’s accident is in Northern California for a week or two visiting my sister, Sarah. Zachary turned 12 last week, and to celebrate, I took him and three neighbor boys to a paintball range. He was sad that his cousin, Seth, couldn’t go, but the great news is that Seth is in Baltimore recovering from hip surgery which went extremely well.

So, Zack brought our two next door neighbors and another friend from four doors down. How ironic is it that I am a redhead with 3 dark haired kids, but 3 of Zack’s best friends are redheads? Actually, he has another great friend who is a redhead too!

Zack asked me to shop at the Goodwill for clothes he could completely ruin, and nothing he was wearing cost over $1. Luckily, it all came clean, though, because it turned out that he really liked the Vans shirt a lot! I sat in the parking lot with a good book and a cooler full of drinks and sandwiches, while the boys ran from combat zone to combat zone, checking in with me only to grab food or ammunition before heading off to “Kuwait” or “South Korea”. They had so much fun that they stayed until closing time. It was definitely pricey, but well worth it; a birthday that he will remember for a long time to come.

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day:

They grow up too fast:
Double Trouble


~ by bekaboo on March 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Paintball Birthday Fun”

  1. The paintball party looks like so much fun!! I really LOVE these photos. You are a very talented photographer.
    I am continuing to pray for Jeremy. It’s so encouraging to hear that there is progress, I will keep praying for a full recovery. HUGS!!

  2. How funny- we had the same type of b-day party for my son…he & his friends had so much fun… 🙂 I didn’t think about getting clothes from goodwill like you- that was smart! 🙂

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