Karaoke for a cause

Seriously!! Baby Got Back!?, originally uploaded by Temeculamom.

Well, it’s been way too long since I’ve blogged. Life has kept me running. The kids are all three in basketball. I counted, and they have 15 extracurricular activities a week, plus I’ve been picking up my niece for school most days and from school and homework quite often and sometimes for dance class. Zack gets to hang out with Seth, which is nice for both of them, but not as often as he would like, since his own schedule is so busy.

In the middle of all this craziness, sweet Jeremy is still in the hospital. He is in his coma, and the doctors still tell his dad that there is no hope at all. Yet this week, when Mike (his dad) sang Pink Floyd to him, “Is there anybody in there?” and asked him to move his eyes for Daddy, he moved his eyes on command for the first time and more than once. Who knows what will happen. Not me. I will just keep praying.

Last Saturday, they threw a big fundraiser for Jeremy’s family. It was a karaoke party of all things. It cost less than $400 to put on. Over 200 people came, and they raised a whole lot of money to help with his long term medical care. How kind is that?! Our community and friends are just so big hearted and wonderful!! There were so many teachers from the kids’ school, including the principal and Sophia’s teacher, and Seth’s (my older nephew) teacher from last year. There were Pop Warner & Little League friends, high school and church friends and even our next door neighbor from 1969. My next door neighbors on two sides came (one even polished my toe nails), and also my neighbor from four doors down.

This goofy photo is of me and two of my sisters. We were insistent on not doing karaoke, until an anonymous benefactor offered $100 for us to do “Baby Got Back”. Sadly for me, the rhythm fairy skipped me, but gave my sister Rachel (on the left) plenty. Hannah has her fair share too. Poor, poor me. After we finished, my husband, Nick, came up with a huge grin and his check book out!

Honestly, I was surprised by what a wonderful time I had. I felt so supported and am so grateful to be surrounded by good people who also know how to enjoy themselves. On top of that I saw some old friends I hadn’t seen in years. It ended up being just the night out that all of us needed and a wonderful way to raise some money for the family. In fact, they raised over $23,000. Way to go, guys!!!

My next door neighbor and Mike, one of the organizers:
Mike & Deena

Me and Mike:
A Kiss from Mike

My cute sisters:

Soul Sistas

Mark sings his heart out:

Me and Hannah:
Me & my Sis

My other next door neighbor, Laura (who painted my toenails!):
Me & the ever Lovely Laura

Ian and Josh (Josh set up PrayforJeremy.org for us):
Two wild and crazy guys

Even teachers cut loose occasionally:
Passing Through

The second cake. I wish I had gotten a photo of the first one:

Here is a shot of the other cake from the newspaper:

~ by bekaboo on January 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Karaoke for a cause”

  1. I continue to pray for Jeremy, every time I see a post from you on Facebook, I think of him. Our God is greater than our human minds can comprehend, and a miracle is not outside of his scope! I will pray for one, as many others are praying I’m sure.

    You and your sisters are SO beautiful!! I giggled to hear that Nick was the “anonymous” benefactor who wanted to see/hear you sing that song! How funny! You look GREAT! I’m glad the fundraiser was such a success.


  2. I’m glad the fundraiser went so well. I’ve been thinking of you–keep hanging in! The doctors said the same thing about Goober…

  3. I’m praying for Jeremy, your family, the generous people who donated. I can’t imagine what you all are going through….I pray God gives you all strength and restores Jeremy back. I’m glad you all had a fun evening

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