Update from my sister and her husband

December 10, 2009 ~ An update from Mike and Naomi:

Dear friends,

How often we have been uplifted and encouraged by a card or text or email from you. Your postings on this website have been a source of indescribable sustenance to us with your sweet and often profound messages, especially your wonderful stories of hope. We are so thankful for each and every one of you with your unique thoughts and prayers for our beloved Jeremy, and have been particularly touched to hear from some of you kids! Please keep them coming.
For the most part, Jeremy has been resting comfortably since Wednesday evening. All his vitals have been steady and for now, he is reasonably stable. Wednesday morning and afternoon he had some problems with his breathing. The doctors were concerned that he might go too long without oxygen so they have put him back on the ventilator to help him breathe. Now he breathes on his own unless he goes too long without taking a breath and then the machine gives him a “push”, but he’s still doing pretty well. Unfortunately, Jeremy has not really shown much sign of improvement, except after a long time of prayer on Wednesday evening, when his vital numbers evened out and have remained at good levels; for example, his blood pressure and heart rate were both too high but are now quite satisfactory.
There are no medications that we are aware of, nor any medical procedures to help Jeremiah recover from his accident (we will talk to the pediatric neurologist today or Friday). We have been praying continuously, as we have been since the beginning, looking to the heavenly source that is our loving Father. We understand that we are in a battle between heaven and earth and at this point we are looking more for a spiritual miracle than a medical one. At times we struggle to keep our emotions in check, but Faith is our foundation and the Lord helps us maintain our focus. We are fighting this battle together with all of you who support our little guy and have expressed your faith regarding him. We believe, as you do, based on what we have heard and read, that God will answer all of the prayers concerning Jeremy. There is no time in heaven but there is time on earth, which is why we feel an overwhelming sense of urgency when we ask God to quickly bring to pass the full restoration of Jeremy’s health. We are praying night and day for a sign that this process has begun and will continue to its completion. We implore you to pray with us. We need your strength and believe that together God will hear us and answer. We cherish you and appreciate you beyond telling. Your prayer is everything to us during this time and we thank you from our hearts.

God bless you,
Mike and Naomi

~ by bekaboo on December 10, 2009.

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