It’s been a whirlwind here


Well, it always gets crazy during the last month of school, so I apologize for being absent. We have been busy with school projects, a 50th anniversary party, and so much more. Unfortunately, my camera is on the fritz lately, so it only works some of the time. Thus I don’t have very many photos to share.

I do have a few photos from my friend Ninder’s annual party, a great chance to have my fill of homemade Indian food. Every year she throws a big bash for 30+ people who all met when their kids played Pop Warner football. She works for days ahead of time preparing, and then she recruits all the women to help prepare the food. I got there a couple of hours ahead of time to chop veggies and help to some last minute cleaning. Then six of us lined up to make fresh roti. It’s just whole wheat flour mixed with water. Two women made balls of it, two rolled it out, and then Ninder and I cooked them on a griddle, searing our fingers in the process. We made 200 of them, and it was so worth it! Just look at my plateful of food. My daughter’s favorite dish was the vegetable pakora. This was a mix of diced cauliflower, garam masala (spices), chopped onion, minced spinach and garbanzo flour with water added. We scooped up small handfuls of this mixture and dropped it in boiling oil to make little fried dumplings of goodness. It was delicious with mint chutney and yogurt.

It was great to see so many friends, although most of the women refused to be photographed. 🙂 And the little girls gave us a fashion show to round things out. At the end of the night we had strong, hot homemade chai tea and ice cream (which we had stirred every half an hour for an hour and a half) made with real cream, cardamom and diced almonds and pistachios. Unbelievably rich and good!








~ by bekaboo on May 27, 2009.

8 Responses to “It’s been a whirlwind here”

  1. Wow, that looks tasty!

  2. what a fun party- food sounds yummy! 🙂

  3. the photograph of the girls is priceless! ok, off to get me something to eat… you made me hungry!!

  4. The food looks delicious! I love Indian food. I like taking a trip over to Artesia, just off of Pioneer Blvd, home to Little India. Delicious food at every turn!

  5. How fun an Indian party. The food looks yuuuummmmmy!

  6. Mmmmmm so yummy!

  7. An Indian party made with friends – how lovely, warm and convivial. And the food looks delicious – are rotis really so easy to make?

  8. wow that looks so yummy. What a great party you all had. By the way I haven’t forgotten your gift. Life has just gotten in the way.

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