Some more handmade jewelry


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Well, I got a little stressed the other day, so I had to sit down with several small pairs of pliers and lots of vintage jewelry bits, including several broken rosaries. I’m a bit too superstitious to take apart whole ones. Even though I’ve never been Catholic, I am fascinated with the beautiful icons and imagery. I don’t do it often enough, but I find making jewelry to be very therapeutic. And someone bought a bracelet right off my wrist when I wore it to school today, so that was also good news! Here are a few of the pieces I just finished. For a more complete look, you can check out my flickr set. If I can get my keister in gear I will put some up on etsy, but I never know how to price them. If friends make me an offer, I will definitely sell to you first. I also made my sisters some jewelry, which I will have to post at a later date.

This is a necklace I made from three separate rosaries, some vintage chain and an uncut amethyst:


This one is made from a scarab I got in Egypt over 20 years ago and some vintage bits and pieces:

This necklace combines an antique St. Francis medal with an abalone pendant:

I may keep this one. It’s a combination of pearl drops with goldtone medals and a cross, ended with a vintage shell pendant dipped in gold:

This necklace pairs a vintage French finger rosary with a red stone from India and a Catholic medal of the Virgin:

Last is the bracelet I sold today. It was made from a vintage watch. I popped off the back, took out the gears and replaced it with a vintage image with a rhinestone necklace adhered to it:

~ by bekaboo on November 24, 2008.

6 Responses to “Some more handmade jewelry”

  1. wow and wow and wow!! Your handmade jewellery is stunning. Seriously this is good craftsmanship Beka.

  2. Fabulous designs Beka! I’d love to make an offer on one of your necklaces, but metal pieces just can’t survive in our humidity =(

  3. WOW you’re a true artist. Chloe (my 4.5 year old) really likes your pieces too! We’re both especially fond of the scarab!

  4. Those are lovely, Beka! Just gorgeous! I would pay good money for stuff like that!

  5. beautiful stuff! I like the one you might keep! I think you should definitely put some on etsy- they will sell so fast!

  6. Your jewelry is very well put together. Like what you did with the finger rosary. I went on an ebay splurg a few months back buying lots of religious medals and have several of those. Thanks for coming by my pad.

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