John McCain’s Concession Speech

As someone who voted for Barack Obama, I would just like to say that McCain’s concession speech was the very picture of graciousness.  His congratulation of Obama appeared genuine, and he even remembered Obama’s grandmother in his speech, regretting that she couldn’t have lived to see her grandson become president.  He also made it clear that America is a country that both candidates love.  Very, very classy.  I actually teared up a little bit for McCain.  

Of course, I also teared up when I saw the African American students at Howard college, many of them crying with joy that Obama had won.  I didn’t vote for Obama because of his race, but I am proud that we’ve reached a point where an African American can become president of our great nation.  

I don’t envy anyone taking on the presidency during these times of overwhelming crises, and I have a feeling that Obama will be a one term president.  There is just too much that needs doing to be fixed readily.  But I hope he can motivate Americans from both parties to work together to make the future better for all of us.


~ by bekaboo on November 4, 2008.

8 Responses to “John McCain’s Concession Speech”

  1. I agree. I also voted Democrat, but listening to his speech, McCain was a class act.

  2. I have never heard a more gracious concession speech – he absolutely puts all of NZ’s politicians to shame! We have a terrible system down here anyway, I would much prefer a democratic voting system like you guys have – a choice between TWO candidates, and not a hodge-podge of policital parties who don’t get along but are forced to work together because no party has a majority (sorry, I won’t bore you with more mundane details but we go to the polls on Saturday down here so it’s all bit “fresh” if you know what I mean).
    Anyway, I was so touched by John McCain’s speech. And I am glad that Obama won, I wanted him to. Congratulations on your new President!

  3. So out of interest and you dont have to naswer but why do you think he will be a one term president? I did think McCain’s speech was very good. Enjoyed hearing Obama’s speech too. I think the thnig I will take away from this election was the huge amount of turnout in voters. Looks like this election has sparked an increase in voter turn out. As Hannah said we have our election on Saturday but unlink yours ours will probably take at least a few days if not a week to work out who will be in government due to the nature of the voting system we have. BTW, in our close family we dont even ask who each other is voting for, I know who my parents vote for and have a fair idea on one brothers preference, but have no idea about the others.

  4. Janine, I am no political pundit, so it is purely a guess. But Americans seem to have unrealistic expectations of what can be done in a short time. I think that whoever won this election would have to do an almost miraculously amazing job as president to get reelected next time around, just because there is too much to fix in four years. But, I hope I’m wrong! Obama was right in saying that Lincoln spoke to a nation much more divided than the U.S. is now. Thanks to you and Hannah for a small bit of insight into the NZ elections. I have students who are so impressed that we get a vote at all, since they don’t elect their leaders.

  5. Very good post; I linked it today in mine.

  6. thanks for the compliment. “hallelujah” is one of my favorite songs…

    and as to john mccain – i agree that he was very gracious. had he sounded like that throughout the campaign, he could have won. his anger, condescension, and disrespect probably lost him some voters.

  7. Agreed; Senator McCain’s speech was moving. My respect for him has grown because of it, especially when he quieted the crowd when they began to boo Obama. It’s good to know that after a long, difficult campaign, that they still respect each other.

    By the way, thank you for your comment on my blog. 🙂 I am so glad that you could find something in what I said. I wish you best of luck in your search, as it is one that I am still on myself. Please feel free to e-mail me or send me another comment if you want to talk about anything in more depth! Take care.

  8. I also found John McCain’s speech a class act; he’d have given Mr. Obama a run for the money if he’d been that dignified throughout the campaign. As I said on my blog, the election was not an unalloyed cause for joy for me and my DH. But I don’t think I can stay upset for long.

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