Bits and Baubles

I have been ignoring jewelry for quite a while, yet I find myself suddenly drawn to it again. So yesterday, I spent five minutes and put together this brooch from some vintage pieces I had lying around. I think it came out kind of fun!

Also this week, since it was my birthday, I had a rare treat and actually spent money on something brand new (almost everything I wear comes from thrift shops). I bought this angel wing necklace (I added the vintage crucifix) for $18.

I also bought this cute vintage button ring from my friend Heidi, who has a whole selection of them for $12 each. I love the bold color! I have to admit it gives me kind of a sick feeling of guilt in the pit of my stomach to have bought these things when we are hurting for money, but I can’t return them now, so I may as well enjoy them.


~ by bekaboo on October 24, 2008.

6 Responses to “Bits and Baubles”

  1. Beautiful bold pieces, mine is all so tame. A treat now and then is nothing to feel guilty about.

  2. I understand that sick feeling, but try not to let it get in the way of enjoying your birthday treats! They look great!

  3. I’ve loving that brooch you made girlie! Very cute. You have quite the eye for jewelry… No wonder I like you! lol

  4. Just ‘put that brooch together’ huh? Such a beautiful thing, with so much movement, and you can just be so blase about it. You’ve talent! It’s gorgeous. I always prefer women’s jewelry to men’s – men’s is always so clunky and ugly. I wouldn’t wear ladies’ pieces, but I do love looking at the tiny exquisiteness, the angles and curves and swirls and intricacy. As opposed to some clumsy ‘nugget’ ring. I should take a pic of our wedding rings – C had them made in Italy -they have rose, white and yellow gold set in plaited band.

  5. you deserve it and HAPPY Belated Birthday…well it’s been a worldwin work week and haven’t been on the blogs all week. I wanted to remember to wish you a happy biday on Tuesday…but…yikes life got crazy. You did very good at the swapmeet..check Pam’s blog..she has the wire hamper..I wish that guy put it back..and you are right the prices are much higher but you did good. I’m happy with my buys..Like my stool!!

  6. I love the angel wing necklace and that ring is gorgeous. I love that broach is just stunning, you have a talent. Enjoy your goodies dont let the guilt win, just enjoy it.

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