School, work, sports, repeat…


Hi guys. I promise I won’t disappear forever, but life has been pretty busy (as usual, I guess).

Sophia went to her BFF’s birthday party on Friday evening and ended up spending the night. She was sleep deprived Saturday morning, but still managed to score two goals and a phenomenal assist.

Zack’s team won a tie breaker to go to the playoffs, and then got brutally crushed by the number one team. Hey, that’s sports, huh? The pizza party afterward went a long way toward cheering them up. Here is Zack after the tie breaker.

Zack after the game

I went to a Project Runway party to watch the finale. I hadn’t really watched it this year, but I have Tivo, so I caught up on the past episodes to prepare for the party. There were five Kenleys there!

Project Runway Party

Yesterday I went to the Long Beach swap meet with a friend (that I met online years ago). We had a great day with no responsibilities, and I spent less than $11. It is hard for a thrift shopper to go to the flea market, because the prices are so much higher. I saw a cute tea kettle at the swap meet for $30, and saw an identical one (in better condition) at the thrift shop later that day for $2.99. lol!

I will share my few goodies later. Just didn’t want to abandon this blog forever.


~ by bekaboo on October 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “School, work, sports, repeat…”

  1. I love Project Runway. Well done on your children’s successes in the sporting areana. Oh I can not wait to see your goodies.

  2. You’ve got a busy, yet fufilled life. That party sounds fun.

  3. I wish I could have gone to the flea market with you guys…I can’t wait to see what you got…
    Beka- I hope that the team we played last Saturday wasn’t your son’s…I am sorry if it was…

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