What I’ve been up to-in part


Nick in Hollywood, originally uploaded by Temeculamom.

I have been too busy to stop and think lately, much less blog, but I thought this was a cute photo of my husband, who is very camera shy.  For some reason (maybe because I still have a soft spot for the big lug), this picture really makes me smile.

Saturday: a football game, a soccer game and out to dinner with the whole team. Walked five miles.

Sunday: we went to Hollywood where I took a whole lot of photos for a friend’s professional organization. Then we got to stay for food, drinks and entertainment. It was a lot of fun. So I still haven’t uploaded photos from last week’s football and soccer games. I was quite happy, though as I had a parent request them. Walked three miles.

Monday: I spent quite a bit of time winnowing down 900+ photos to about 300 to make into a slideshow. Spent quite a while writing a semester project assignment for my students and the class blog entry for the week. Did the normal amount of chauffering, Zack had a guitar lesson, bought a birthday gift for Isabella’s friend, helped with homework and filled out paperwork. Didn’t walk.

Tuesday: I taught and was evaluated by the department head (always nerve wracking, even though he is a very sweet gentleman). I was up half the night beforehand with a nightmare about everything going wrong. But it went fine, and my students had brought in many subjects to share with the class (it is a current-events class for ESL students). Took Zack to football practice. Walked two miles.

Wednesday: Isabella was home sick. Bought two more birthday gifts (thank goodness they were on 75% clearance-birthday gifts are eating up my new income!). Had a meeting with Isabella’s teacher, as she is beginning to fall behind. Took Zack to football practice. Made a homemade meal of the most delicious meatloaf, corn, mashed potatoes and homemade gravy. Naturally, my kids hated it. Sigh. Walked three miles.

Thursday: Taught the morning class who wanted to discuss the paranormal. It was quite interesting. Came home for 45 minutes to do resistance exercises. Met with my supervisor to discuss my classroom performance. Overall, he was very pleased, but he also had some great suggestions. He is a very nice man! Now I can heave a sigh of relief and get some sleep again, since the judgement is over for the semester. Taught the second class which discussed terrorism, Obama vs McCain, the war in Iraq and much more. Definitely a serious subject day. Rushed to school to pick up Sophia. She has soccer practice 15 minutes after school is out, so she needs to be something of a quick change artist. I had to leave Zack to help her, so that I could have one more talk with Isabella’s teacher. Made two doctor’s appointments and found myself a therapist. Got home in time to make some scrumpious meatloaf sandwiches with mayo, mustard, fresh tomatoes and shredded cabbage. Took Zack to football practice while Isabella stayed home to finish up her homework. Turns out she lost the book she needs to finish up a six paragraph essay which is already late. This is the book she forgot to bring home on Tuesday. I saw her put it in her backpack at school this afternoon. Nevertheless, it is nowhere to be found. Only walked one mile.

Tomorrow: I need to return some gifts to Nordstrom so that I can get some money to buy gas and to get my Canon zoom lens out of hock from the repair center. Hopefully, these two items will only take a few hours. Then I will wrap a gift for another birthday party, so that Sophia will be ready to go after school. Then I need to drop off attendance sheets at the university and pick up my paycheck. I am hoping to get a five mile walk in there somewhere. I would also like to get some Halloween items on ebay, get the kitchen and living room cleaned, and catch up on my housework. I am sadly afraid that most of this last bit will be wishful thinking. After I pick up the kids, Sophia needs to go to a pool party. They always make me nervous, but I can’t stay, because I need to get Zack to football practice.

Saturday: Soccer game at 11:30. Zack needs to be at his football game 1/2 hour away at 11:45, so we will be splitting up and Nick will miss Sophia’s game. I will stay with Sophia and then send her home with another family (for a sleepover birthday party). I will try to be to Zack’s 1:00 game on time, since I will be taking photos as usual. Then we will be going to a pizza party. I have a feeling Saturday night I may just be sitting blankly in front of the TV.

Sunday: No plans!! Can you believe it? I have so much I need to catch up on (despite having surely done a million dishes by hand and 1100 loads of laundry this week). But we will just have to see how it goes. I definitely need to be more organized, and I may tackle the game/utility closet and see what I can make of it. Of course, I’ll have to get the football and soccer photos cropped and edited and should write next week’s class assignments and blog entries, but those may have to wait a bit.

So have I put you all to sleep yet? I have been feeling lately like everything is one step forward, two steps back. I think I need a jumpstart to really get me going. I wanted to make sure I really had gotten something done this week.


~ by bekaboo on September 26, 2008.

7 Responses to “What I’ve been up to-in part”

  1. awwwwww I like that photo of your DH. Wow, you have had a full on week and I am exhausted just reading it, take care to try and find fifteeen minutes for some down time for you.

  2. oops forgot to say well done on your teaching evaluation.

  3. Wow, what a week. I’m proud of you already and the week’s not done! Way to go with the good evaluation, those are always so stressful.

  4. I’m sorry your kids didn’t like the meal–give it to me (I’ll shower you with compliments). I’m glad your evaluation is over and went well. Mine is coming up within the next month, and I always get nervous.

    I agree about pool parties–VERY nervous-making for me!

  5. I love the photo – very artistic and you captured a moment so well.
    So glad your evaluation went well, I bet you are relieved to have it over and a good result to boot.
    I am tired tho, reading about your busy week – hope you can rest & relax a little over the weekend 😀

  6. wow! you have had a week and it isn’t even over yet! your weeks sound like mine… good luck with all the games this weekend!

  7. Mega congratulations on the evaluation!

    Don’t tell the DH but he makes a very elegant figure in that picture, good capture. (Nice posterior too!) Mind you he is very handsome. You two must be so photogenic.

    How do you manage all those commitments?

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