Spa Birthday Party



Sophia Dolled Up 

I am behind the eight ball in planning Sophia’s 7th birthday party, which will be coming up in a few weeks. She has decided she wants a spa birthday with a few good friends. I will be making invitations this week or next.

I have a big old-fashioned punch bowl with roses on it, so we can make a girly sherbet punch. We will do nails and hot towels (Sohia’s idea) on the girls’ faces.

I don’t want to go overboard, but I am feeling short on brilliance. Do any of you have any fun ideas? Maybe they could make their own crowns? I have a lot of glitter and could buy more glue.

Any input would be appreciated. BTW, these photos are from a couple of years ago, when my friend, Gabrielle, at Heart of the Sea Home had a makeover party for her daughter’s birthday.

Here is a link to Sophia’s final party.


~ by bekaboo on September 17, 2008.

10 Responses to “Spa Birthday Party”

  1. Oh, what a sweet idea for a little girl’s birthday! I don’t have any other ideas but what you have planned sounds wonderful. I think making crowns would be FUN!

  2. oh what a coooooool party here are some ideas. maybe get the girls to decorate a frame and take before and after photos of thier spa day and pop them in there. Table setting- scatter some rose petals and find some small empty bathtubs and use those as centre pieces on the table and fill with fruit. cupackes and finer goods for the food, strawberries and grapes and serve the punch in some plastic glasses with mini cocktail umbrellas. Have a sign on the door with Sophia’s day Spa. You can make some bath salts in a bottle as a goodie bag takeaway or get them to create that as an activity. Little shoulder massages. Oh I wish I could come I would have a ball planning this lol

  3. If you don’t already have a stash of dress-up clothes, go to the local secondhand store and look at gowns and negligees. Little girls LOVE to dress up in those things! They’ll need to be dressed for high tea, after all, with finger sandwiches, mini cakes or madelines and punch or tea (I’d go with the punch). Also see if there’s any costume jewelry for cheap while you are at the secondhand shop. Take before and after pictures to include with a goodie bag.

  4. my friend had a party like that…she had them dress up too and then introduced them one at a time (to the moms) they came out on a “runway”. What about doing their hair…?

  5. Becca, check out this idea in family fun cute and easy to do.

    How fun.

  6. wouldn’t it be fun to find white squish bath robes and do pedi and manicures…with cucumber on their eyes…I’ll start brainstorming.

  7. I like the runway idea, and I know you’ll take fabulous photos. There’s lots of homemade spa recipes here:

    Would you be able to have a Mary Kay or other makeup consultant come by and do up the girls? Or perhaps you could order samples from one, those would be fun party favors.

    Crafts ideas… have the girls trace their hands and then design fancy fingernails using glitter and stickers. Decorate bags to hold their make up and other goodies. Or perhaps decorate a frame to show their fabulous spa picture you’re going to take.

    Games: Musical toe nail painting. Pass bottles of nail polish around and when the music stops they have to paint their toe (or their neighbors) with the color in hand.

    Glamerous Hot potato. Pass a tiara around and when the music stops, the girl holding it must put it on and then do something listed on the glam list (sing a song, dance, say a grammy acceptance speech, do a version of a model catwalk, faint like a diva… etc).

    I’ve heard of “accessory swaps” where girls bring their own costume jewelry (or you can provide it) wrapped up and then you do the elephant gift swap thing, where the first person selects a present, and the next one selects a present and keep it for themselves, or exchange with the first player.

    Are you able to “choreograph” a simple dance number, have the dressed up spa’d up girls dance it for the video camera in your gorgeous backyard and then give all the girls a copy.

    Ohh, make gigantic, body sized bubbles. Let me know if you need a link for a how too.

    This is getting long, let me know what time to drop Jaylene off 😉

  8. You could always try an aroma therapy (or would it be too boring) – different kinds of potpourri – or if not actually getting them to sit still for it just have it wafting about. Other favors – sachets of lavender to put in their drawers – little bottles with spray caps full of mineral water to moisturize with – you could ask them to say why various strong role-model types of women are beautiful inside and out – you could do sandwiches with different bread colors cut out with cookie cutters (cucumber, devilled ham, egg salad), small dainty pastries like fruit tartlets, get some big floppy hats and (somehow) as an activity have them decorate them with fruit and feathers and then wear them to tea, ditto with white gloves…dunno.

  9. I actually am having a home spa birthday party for my daughter who is turning 9 the end of the month with 7 of her friends. Ebay is great in finding what I needed. I bought a package deal of Ooh La La robes, slippers and headbands and they also had favor bags included. I am having 3 stations: mani, pedi and facials. I went to the dollar store and got lotion/shower gels, manicure kits, emory board/buffer, lufa, barrettes since I am making up clear plastic favor bags I bought to put everything in. We are having finger sandwiches, carrots/celery, strawberries/grapes and I am making smoothies and a fruit punch (the girls are drinking out my wine glasses).

    I went to the local fabric store and bought some tulle material to decorate the entry ways and some white material to cover the tables and furniture. Two of my friends are coming in to help me with the different stations as well. Hope I pull this all off.

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