Blog Challenge-Post a photo of yourself


I rarely post photos of myself, but, I’ve gotten three compliments on this one so far, and I didn’t even know anyone would see it. I’ve decided it makes me look thinner and younger, so I like it just fine. But at the time I was definitely trying to avoid the camera. I prefer remaining on the other side of the lens. How about you?

I would love to see some photos of my online friends. Some of you are very bold about it and share them often (thank you!), but some of you I don’t get to “see” very often. Come on, pick one you like (or hand someone else a camera) and share with us. Please?

And thanks to my son for not listening to me when I told him not to take my picture. 🙂


~ by bekaboo on September 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “Blog Challenge-Post a photo of yourself”

  1. You are looking great! As The Fat Chick, I rarely post photos of me (it’s easier to forget I’m fat when it’s not staring me in the face), but here’s a blog entry of me in my new (handmade, if sewing with a machine counts) kimono costume:

    You’ll have to wade through some whining first (about the finger), but you didn’t really expect this to come without a pricetag, right?

  2. Thanks for posting this – it is LOVELY to see what you look like! You are so pretty, and you look REALLY young … how old ARE you?! Your son is talented to capture such a great shot 🙂

    I’ve posted a few pics of me on my blog. I will do some more very soon, as I am only a pound away from my goal weight and it will soon be time for some “before” and “after” comparisons!

  3. Hey great photo, even the pointy finger makes you look cool. Well I have posted a photo of me on Sunday and one the week before and they are recent. I am back in the front of the camera, I was missing in action for a while but now I am back.

  4. great photo of you! I don’t think there are any pictures of me to post… 🙂

  5. You are very pretty indeed, quite striking actually.

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