Which one would you date?




My brother is joining an online dating service, and he is trying to decide which photo(s) to use. I know most of my friends are married (or otherwise taken), but which photos do you prefer? I kind of like the first one, because he looks friendly. He’s already told me no way to the flower pic, but I think it’s sweet, because I know it was part of this bunch picked for him by my 5 year old niece.

Grubby Gift

Also, do any of you have any advice about online dating? Any experiences you have had would be great to hear.


~ by bekaboo on September 10, 2008.

11 Responses to “Which one would you date?”

  1. I would date the guy with the flower because that picture is original and cute and quirky!

    My advice about online dating: Don’t get discouraged by the bad dates! I have had my share of so bad they are funny dates and in the past I would have given up with arms folded across my chest and a disgruntled, “HMPF!”

    This time I forced myself to keep at it and I used the blog to record the humor of the bad dates. I think I have found my perfect guy after about 6-8 dates from Craigslist ads and part of me is *almost* sad that I won’t have new funny content for the website.

    Ok, not THAT sad. 😉

  2. I’m likin #2… I’m a sucker for a cute smile so that one gets my vote. 🙂

  3. awww your brother is handsome and I like the flower shot because it made me laugh and I think it shows his humour. But who knows what others will think. So go with the first shot. Now I have a load of advice about online dating, because I meet my Dh online. We are now married two years this October and been together four and a half years. My advice, the sweet and simple kind. 1. Be prepared for the nutbars, and time wasters. 2. Do coffee/tea dates for your first date (they are short and sweet and perfect for that first date) because if there is no chemistry, nothing has been lost but a new friendship possibly gained? 3. Don’t talk too long online e.g. three months before you meet with the person you are interested in because you may build up this image/picture relationship with someone. I could go on, let me know if you want some more. Last but not least tell him to have fun, and to enjoy the process. Good Luck.

  4. I would totally date #2.
    It’s friendly, cute and looks more relaxed and natural then the others.

  5. Thanks for the feedback, you guys! I will pass it on to my brother. It sounds like number two and four are the winners. Thanks for the feedback about online dating, Janine! And cremelloquarterpony, I will have to check out your blog experiences. Sounds fascinating!

  6. I personally like #2. Nice smile, clear eyes, straight teeth, etc… 🙂 I also like #4, the flower does show a silly, fun side, but if he says no, then #2.

  7. I say #2, it looks playful and sweet. What a cutie!

  8. Oh, I picked the flower one, but my second choice was the first, it looks warmer.

  9. I like #1 the best. He looks sweeter and more approachable in that one. No way on the flower! Too bad you aren’t a bit closer. I have a sister that could use a date.

  10. #2 … he’s handsome.

  11. #2 wins this gay man-mad man’s vote.

    #1 is a bit posed looking. #3 looks like he’s got something to hide. #4 would be better after the lady has gotten to know him. #2 is really cute and natural and not composed (these last two adjectives from C).

    I met C over the internet, and we formed a very strong bond. We didn’t physically see each other for over a year after we met on line – he came to the States in 1999 and we’ve been together since. On-line dating or meeting people is a great way to go.

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