Back to Teaching


Well, today was my first day of class. I was lucky enough to get two current events classes at the local university, as part of an English learning program for students from all over the world. These are some of last year’s students. My first class had only 6 students. We’ll see how many there are for the afternoon course. The department is behind on the rosters, so I find out when I get there. This morning’s class did a great job sharing information about themselves, and it was only the first day.


~ by bekaboo on August 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “Back to Teaching”

  1. How exciting a new class and new people and new experiences ro be shared.

  2. You’ll be the best teacher they’ve ever had. Any Taiwanese students?

  3. didn’t know you were a teacher? 🙂 learn something new everyday!

  4. Teaching ESL just like Julie! Bet your students are more motivated…

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