I had a great mail day!!



Vintage beaded bag

Vintage Photo

Vintage hat styles

Yay! Thank you, thank you! to my friend at Hunt for Vintage who sent me these goodies in the mail. Look how pretty her wrapping is! The pink fabric you see is a cute bag. Inside were a darling vintage velvet hairclip, a beaded vintage clutch, a lovely tinted photo of a woman in the original cardboard frame, and a framed ad? of women’s headwear over the years (this may go in my bathroom). How cool is that? She had a blog giveaway, and everyone who commented won something!

As if that weren’t enough, I also got this Max Factor makeup in the mail.

Max Factor

I am a Bzz Agent (google it), and I get to try out great new products for free. The lipfinity isn’t a great shade on me, but it lasted all night and the next morning without ever giving me dry lips. Pretty cool mail day, huh?


~ by bekaboo on August 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “I had a great mail day!!”

  1. Wow, that is definitely a cool mail day!!
    Enjoy your new goodies 🙂

  2. oh i love your mail day, my fav is the hat lady in a frame, very cool and very vinatagey. Ok I am off to google that bzz agnet thingy, sounds interesting.

  3. Very fun indeed. I didn’t see her giveaway until after, but I’d have no where to put all her fun goodies. I know you’ll put yours on a great display somewhere!

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