Look Who Came to Football Practice



Mini Poodle PuppyWell, it’s football season again, which means upwards of 20 hours a week spent on practice, games, fundraisers, etc. It catches me by surprise every year. But one really great thing is that it really does enforce some fun time for all of us. Zachary gets to work out with his buddies, and Nick is one of the coaches, so he’s working out too, and they get to be together. Meantime, I generally go walking with another mom or three, which is good exercise for all of us. It is really great to get to know new people. The girls enjoy it too, because they get to make friends and hang out for a couple of hours almost every evening. Last time Sophia went, her friend had brought this mini poodle puppy, and they had so much fun playing with him. He was such a cute little guy, but he had so much fur you couldn’t even spot his eyes in there.


~ by bekaboo on August 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Look Who Came to Football Practice”

  1. Cute photos! You daughter looks adorable with her missing tooth. I love toothless grins. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great family outing for all of you.

  3. cute- what city does your son play for? Is it Pop Warner? My son is a JPW in Tustin…

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