Computer Woes & a Phone Company Rant


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Well, I have had a bad run of computer luck lately. Last week my Mac (pictured here when my kitty, Smudge, was littler) died. I was able to reinstall everything from the discs, but it took all day long and of course, we didn’t recover quite everything. Still, I’m grateful.

Then last Friday we switched from our phone company to a voice over IP phone system. When they asked our old phone company, which shall remain nameless (A-cough-T-cough-&T-cough) to transfer over the phone number, the phone company also cancelled our DSL service without letting us know. So the next day we had no internet and no phone. When we called to complain, they said we could get stand alone DSL from them, but it would take 5-7 days for them to get a technician to our house. Turns out this company has a record of doing this when customers switch to VOIP. I can’t imagine it helps them to keep any customers, at least for DSL. I called my local cable company. They beat the price by $10 a month for slightly faster service, and they had two techs at our house in less than 24 hours. After a few growing pains, we are back online.


~ by bekaboo on August 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “Computer Woes & a Phone Company Rant”

  1. eeeks at no phone and no internet connection at the same time. It’s interesting to note that your old company was quite happy to provide shoddy service. I love that people have choices and can take thier $$ elsewhere where other providers are only too happy to accomodate and provide great service.

  2. Sorry about the computer & phone hassles, Bekka! It’s crazy that they disconnected your internet without asking … you would think that asking if you had internet would have been one of those “obvious” questions, and of course you’d think they would be wanting to attract your business!

  3. Thanks for the support, ladies! It was actually my existing company that cut off my internet service, and thus lost my business! 🙂

  4. Cute kitty! Computer problems are such a pain! I’ve had some lately too. It’s amazing how lost I feel without this machine that I lived the majority of my life without. The other day I found a mysterious knob lying on the floor. I had no idea what it went to so I set it aside. Then last night I tried to turn up the volume on my computer because it was all the way off. Surprise! That’s where that little knob went. Luke had ripped it off. And now it won’t work. Figures. We just had to replace the mouse after destructo boy got a hold of it too.

  5. Sorry to hear that your Mac crashed, then to get topped off with connection woes. Ugh. I detest dealing with telecommunication companies outside of work. I have to deal enough with them at work, I don’t like doing it for my personal business. lol I’m glad you were able to sort it all out, and you got the better deal in the end. Kudos!

  6. my neighbor also had att and they HAD no service for computer and she called to say she wanted to cancel the service because she had no service. They told her there was a cancellation fee..she said I have no service , how can you charge me when I don’t even get the doesn’t work. I haven’t gotten online in months…they just kept repeating..there is a fee for cancelling service..she was so upset. She ended up going with Charter for everything. We are also going to change, we have Verizon and we just got a HIGH DEF TV so we need to get that and we pay way too much for Dish so we are switching over..not sure who we are going with. Sorry about your woes…glad you got some stuff back…I thought Mac were better about that sort of thing….

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