Kit Kittredge, American Girl, the movie


Kit Kittredge, originally uploaded by Temeculamom.

Kit Kittredge

Kit Kittredge

Kit Kittredge
Yesterday, my friend Tracy and I took our 6 year olds to see this movie. They looked forward to it all week, and sat ahead of us in these three seats with their dolls. I have to say I was a bit disappointed, because, given the fabulous ensemble cast, I had expected more. The actors were top notch, and the story was very sweet. It reminded me of a novel by Louisa May Alcott, and I devoured most of hers when I was a kid. It had a plucky heroine, a moving story and plenty of funny bits to break the tension of a movie about the Great Depression. My complaints are these. First, the director must have practiced on a few episodes of Hannah Montana first, because the overacting was quite annoying at times. Second, the plot was unbelievable predictable (seriously, we predicted almost every single plot development before it happened, there were no surprises here). Third, while I enjoyed seeing Jane Krakowski dance, Stanley Tucci doing his magic tricks and Joan Cusack run over trash cans in her bookmobile, the characters all stayed very one dimensional. I must say, however, that the six year olds adored the movie. Even the moms teared up a couple of times, just because we are sentimental saps. Would I go again? For my daughter, certainly! Would I watch it again on my own. No.


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One Response to “Kit Kittredge, American Girl, the movie”

  1. Thats so cute, I had a giggle about the girls placing thier dolls on the seat. It took me back a few years ago when I friend and I went to the Pooh movie ( I was the pooh fan and my friend the Tigger fan) we took our Tiger and Poooh bear with us to the movie and found the toys a seat. I am sure the children who were in the theatre with us must have thought we were odd lol.

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