If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

Well, it’s been a rough few weeks around here. In mid-February I was so saddened to get a call from my old (not old, but from way back) friend Kimber, letting us know that her husband, Bill had passed away due to a heart attack. He was only 57, and he was in great physical shape.
Here is a link to some more information about him. Bill was a doctor, and he met my husband when he was doing some consulting for a medical device company where Nick was the controller. Before we had kids, we used to go to Los Angeles and San Diego and party big time with Bill and Kimber. They had a boat that they took out to Catalina every year, and we were lucky enough to go with them several times. Since we’ve all had kids, we haven’t seen each other much, but they are the kind of people you could call at 4:00 in the morning and know they’d find a way to help you out. They used to take in strays of the pet and human variety whenever someone was in need. I remember one time they went on a ski trip and a young woman they met broke her leg badly. She had no family, so she stayed with Bill and Kimber (who had just met her) until she was healed again. It just broke my heart to hear that he was gone. The funeral was very touching, but I just couldn’t shake it off. I guess that is good. It would be pretty bleak if no one were affected when we died. I am crying even now as I type this. The main reason I haven’t blogged is that I just wasn’t feeling very positive and didn’t know how to write about the darker sides of life here, since I’m usually all about sweet pictures of my kids.

On top of that the flu has been running rampant in Southern California, and our family (extended, as well as nuclear) seems to have gotten just about every strain possible. We spent at least 2 of the last three weeks (it kept coming and going, but never going for long enough) with at least one person sick on any given day. My poor oldest missed so much work at school that she had a really hard time making it all up. The teacher sent home as much as possible, but she was just too sick to do much. The only upside was that none of us caught any stomach flus, so at least there was no vomiting to deal with. That is a very positive thing-just ask any mother.

Another positive thing is that my dear friend Tracy, whom I had lost contact with is coming to spend the night at my house tonight! She had gotten married and moved to Portland, OR, and I hadn’t known her new last name. I tried unsuccessfully to track her down, but finally she found me! I haven’t seen her in close to 10 years. We met in the early 1990s temping at the same big company. She was trying at that time to finish her AA degree. And now she is a practicing lawyer! I am so proud of her. She has business in my area this weekend, so she is driving in tonight and spending the evening here. I am so excited to see her!

Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I am ready to look at the bright side of life again.


~ by bekaboo on March 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “If You Can’t Say Something Nice…”

  1. Glad you’re back. Hugs!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I suppose Kimber will need YOUR support at 4 AM now. Hopefully you can be there for her as much as possible. ((HUGS)) for you,and prayers for Kimber and her family. I hope your family is feeling better soon! Your poor mom didn’t get the flu so soon after surgery, did she?

  3. It’s really nice to see you back. I’m so sorry to hear bout the passing of your friend, it is always very sad to lose somebody special and especially when it is sudden and they are young. My prayers are with you and with his wife and family.
    And I really hope your family is over the flu now. You’ve had a rough time, so I hope that only good things are round the corner for you now 🙂

  4. I’m praying for your friend and her family. How sad… I hope you guys are feeling better now and had a good visit with Tracy!

  5. I’m sooo sorry to hear about your friend, that is so young. aRe they near you? My principal from Hawai’i died of a heart attack too and he was also in great physical shape…that was mind blowing. Glad your family in on the mends..we were also struck with coughs and colds…bad year.

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