Scrapanos Get Together

This is the story of online friendship gone oh so right. Eleven years ago I had my first child. My husband was working a brutal schedule, and I was home alone till the wee hours every night. I had just been introduced to scrapbooking, and going just a tiny bit crazy from lack of human contact, I turned to the internet for scrapbooking advice for a newbie. I was lucky enough to come across a little website called Two Peas in a Bucket, way back before they had 10,000 members (they now have over 11 million posts on their message boards). This site was full of gorgeous layouts from talented scrappers, and even better for a lonely new mom, plenty of helpful friendly posters to help me out with anything that was on my mind, from how to use the latest scrapping products to choosing the best jogging stroller.

Through this site, I was able to greatly improve my scrapping, but more importantly I was able to make a number of good friends. Eventually as the boards at Two Peas became over crowded, some of us broke away and formed our own Yahoo groups. I was lucky enough to be invited to join two groups.

I have since probably met at least 60 people “IRL” that I knew first online. Over ten of them I still consider close friends. What a fabulous way to connect up with people!

These lovely ladies here (and some are missing; I was having too much fun to be much of a photographer) are some of the members of our original Scrapanos Yahoo group. We were all in the same general region, so we were able to get together (some more than others) for crops and keep in touch online.

Last Saturday, the lovely Darcy was kind enough to host us at her gorgeous home, and we had such a wonderful time together. So much fun, in fact, that we are planning a flea market trip together in April. I can’t wait!!

If you are interested, you can read more details (and see more photos) of our evening on my friend Ellie’s blog Heart of the Sea, and my friend Pam’s blog Pure and Simple .

Thanks so much, ladies! You are all awesome, and it was such a treat to get to be together!


~ by bekaboo on February 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Scrapanos Get Together”

  1. That is so wonderful, Beka! I agree that online friends are amazing. Some people “diss” internet friendships but I have to say that my life has been changed through meeting some wonderful people through forums and blogging. I’m so glad that you have these awesome friends in your life, and how neat that you got together for what looks like a really FUN evening! I just love the look of that cake too!

  2. Beka! I didn’t know you had a blog.:) I bookmarked it as well. I guess I should keep up on mine. I haven’t made an entry into it since we went to The French General last year. Better yet, I guess I should tell you all the URL, I don’t think I’ve given it to anyone. lol I loved your post about the get together. I missed you ladies sooooo much. I’m definitely in for the Pasadena Flea Market.

  3. This looks like so much fun! And your photography is fantastic.

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