I need some decorating advice



Okay, my kitchen (read whole house, but I’ve got to start somewhere) is pretty woefully lacking in the decorating department. We have held off on decorating since we were hoping to have funds to do a remodel. I am realizing that is still years away, so I need to find a way to be happy with what we have. I had another picture I wanted to put over the stove, but it isn’t glass covered, and I have a feeling that grease splatters would do it in. I bought some frames at Big Lots and framed these ads from old magazines (I am a salt junkie, so I especially love the Morton’s salt ad). I have placed them here as a temporary trial to see if I should put them up. They would probably be about 4 inches higher than they are now. What do you think? Can I put nails in formica? Any advice would be appreciated.


~ by bekaboo on January 23, 2008.

6 Responses to “I need some decorating advice”

  1. I like the pictures, but can you put them a bit higher so they don’t get splattered? Alternatively, what about getting a sheet of glass and putting it over top of the pictures (obviously you’d have to remove them from the black frames). My hubby did this in our kitchen, and instead of pictures behind the glass, he wrote the words “COOK”, “CLEAN” and “EAT” with silicon gel! Looks really good, I’ll have to take a photo one day and put it on my blog! Anyway, just a suggestion. I do like the artwork a lot, and the colour on your walls is gorgeous!

  2. I like those pictures, but I would get really tired of cleaning them.
    I don’t know about putting a whole in the wall, but could you get some of those hanger things that don’t harm your wall?
    My favorite is the salt picture, too! I really like this idea, so I’m going to file it away to copy someday, just not above my stove, lol. I’m to messy! DH really hates it when I cook anything that involves flour. I get it all over, including the ceiling!

  3. I like the pics but would put them someplace else in the kitchen.
    I suggest going to:mortonsalt.com and select the merchandise link.You can find a set of trivets to put over the stove-which you can clean/wipe when necessary

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! As for your pictures, they’re great! One idea would be to make a little ledge that would hold them all with a little groove in it for a wide piece of glass of plexiglass to shield them from grease spatters. It’s easier to quickly spray and clean one sheet of glass (and it could go in the dishwasher) rather than detail-cleaning each frame.
    Nails are difficult to put through Formica, but screws work, especially if you have a good drill.

  5. You are so crafty! I love the framed ads! I remember you had a Betty Crocker one that I adored that would be cute in there too. My solution to the splattering is to eat out. HA! That would save on the negative comments for dinner too. That’s so frustrating after you put all that time and engery into cooking something healthy! I really like the frame picture for the bathroom too. And how cute are those loose tooth photos! Kinda creepy with it turned and half of it hanging out but she’s such a cutie patootie! You’re such a good mommy 🙂

  6. I love the ads! I think they’d look great hung there. Instead of trying to put nails in the formica just get some of those 3M Command picture hanging strips. They work great!

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