Sometimes it Rains in Southern California


Oranges in the Rain

Wet Hummingbird


Super Taster

Mom and Uncle EJ

Yes, even in our drought ridden years, we get occasional rain. Yesterday was one of those days. I was able to enjoy the rain from the relative dryness of my parent’s “palapa” a tiny patio at the back of the yard that they enclosed with redwood and filled with plants and cute patio furniture. I’ll have to get a photo of that palapa someday soon. My sister came by as well, and although she was making work calls (she is a wine consultant), we were able to relax and catch up a bit.

My uncle, EJ was also in town for a few days, and it was so nice to visit with him. He is such a fun, fun uncle, but we only see him every few years. When I was a child, I thought he was the most romantic and dashing figure, a bit like Erroll Flynn in my mind’s eye.


~ by bekaboo on January 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sometimes it Rains in Southern California”

  1. The funny thing is, he really IS a dashing, romantic figure! He has traveled all over the world, lived in Spain for 12 years, Rabat, Morocco for 5 years, has read more books than anyone I know…his current reading genre (aside from the omnipresent mystery – hmmmm, must be related to us, ya Bek?) is 14th century Spanish history. I once heard he carried on a 2 hour conversation (in Spanish) with a professor on the subject. He is not only college educated but enormously self-educated. EJ is and always has been wonderfully handsome, although endearingly unaware of it, and in fact has been stopped on many an occasion to be asked if he is Sean Connery. But in spite of it all, he would “poo-poo” this little writing with a dismissive flick of the wrist. He is my best friend. I have adored him since early childhood as only a little sister can. I’ve been blessed to have him as my brother in this life. God bless him!

    Mary Ellen/mom

  2. Lucky you – I’ve never actually seen an orange (or any other citrus) actually on the tree.

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