Losing a tooth can be scary

Dangling Dangerously


For some reason my six year old just hates it when her teeth are loose. She had lost one before today, but she’s been nursing several wiggly ones for as long as she can. This one just had to go, but she cried and said how much it hurt (purely drama, as far as I can tell, and she just visited the dentist at the end of December). Finally, she got up her nerve and tugged on it. Once it was out, she was all smiles and began mentally composing her letter to the tooth fairy. I do love that funny little face!


~ by bekaboo on January 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Losing a tooth can be scary”

  1. Hehe, what a darling! Ethan is the same. A total drama King. His first tooth was a drama, but I thought the second one would be much easier. No, that was a drama too. Eventually I persauded him to let me just “touch” his tooth, not even tug/pull on it, and it came out without ANY effort! Some kids just don’t like it, I guess!

    How much money does the tooth fairy leave in your house?

  2. my girls don’t like losing their teeth either, which I think is odd..I loved losing my teeth when I was a youngin’

  3. Jaylene has two almost outs too. She’s too much of a sissy to pull them out. Jayden just popped out his 8th tooth last week. Glad to see you bloggin lots.

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