A bit of “new” vintage goodness to cheer me up!

Up Close

My friend Sherry had a garage sale yesterday. I scored this lovely old photo that she matted and framed, the big vintage cabbage rose, a gorgeous shirt from Anthropologie and a cute tank top for $5! My bathroom is so painful for me to decorate, being all decked out in pink and blue 1950’s tile and sweet pea wallpaper, but I thought this framed photo might do the trick. I pinned the old cabbage rose to the ribbon for an extra touch. Thanks, Sherry! I’m liking my bathroom better already!


~ by bekaboo on January 20, 2008.

One Response to “A bit of “new” vintage goodness to cheer me up!”

  1. Oh Beka…I feel like a single mom too! Troy has been working soooo much…80 plus hours this week. So I feel your lonliness and pain. I know the dinner thing gets me everytime….This week I have made Machaca, Cheeseburger Pie, 3 soup chicken …nice home cooked from scratch meal..and I get…will I like this? No,,I don’t like this..I do all this work in the kitchen and no one appreciaties, not one bit. Well my husband does..the girls nothing..all they want to do is snack all day!! Took them to Pick up stix…complain, complain, complain…so you are not alone..and I LOVE that frame and cabbage rose…if you ever get tired of it…you know where it will find a nice home? Hey I did have a garage sale on Sat..did I forget to tell you?

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