Feeling a bit blue and lonely

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Well, I got a good start on the year. My husband sold his old pickup truck which was taking up most of our garage, and we cleared a whole lot of stuff out of there. I have also given at least 5 big bags of stuff to the GoodWill, given away hand-me-downs and thrown away an unbelievable amount. It’s hard to give up years of being a packrat, but I am so tired of having too much stuff for our house and never knowing where any of it is. I was feeling energized for a while, and getting a lot accomplished, but today I just feel tired and overwhelmed. Will it actually get better from here, or will it just sink back into chaos again?

My honey was away for five days last week and I just found out he’ll be gone three days next week, so maybe that’s part of it. And tonight I worked hard to make a healthy and tasty meal of chicken, potatoes and broccoli. Here’s what I got: My oldest came into the kitchen when dinner was cooking and asked, “What stinks?” It was the garlic–her favorite spice–in the potatoes. Then at the table my son said, “I don’t like the burned potatoes.”–they were sauteed and some were crispy–and then, “I hate the chicken”. Argh!! My husband and daughters liked everything and told me so, but sometimes mothering feels very thankless. No matter what I make, at least one person–usually more–dislikes it and feels no compunction about saying so.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get some more motivation and keep plugging away. I am getting my hair cut for the first time in about a year, so maybe that will pick me up a bit.

P.S.-Sorry about the punctuation. The parentheses are not working on my keyboard.


~ by bekaboo on January 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “Feeling a bit blue and lonely”

  1. Sorry to hear that you are feeling a bit blue. Sometimes it’s just a whole lot of little things that all pile up and kinda creep up on you.

    I totally hear you on the lack of dinner compliments!! One or both of my boys will usually complain about something on their plate each night. Hubby always makes up for it, but I still feel crappy. Because often I have already gone through the whole “damn it, should I just give them spaghetti and then make something awesome for us to eat later?” and decided to cook a family meal, which usually stresses me out as my kids need to eat by 6pm so it’s all go-go-go to get work done and dinner prep underway. And then to have comments like “I don’t like this” is kinda tiresome. And it’s always harder to hear when you’re already tired/sick/upset/depressed or whatever!! So yeah, I hear ya!

    Chin up – and try to get some “me time” (as well as going out for your hair cut) because I’m sure it will help you feel a bit better. ((Hugs))

  2. One of my favorite things to say is “Well, you don’t have to eat it, go hungry!” Have you thought of getting the kids involved in planning menus? It could be a weekend activity, brainstorm possible meals together, point out what’s on sale/in season at the store & time factors because of scheduling and then make a weekly menu. They’ll know what’s coming and hopefully because of their input they’ll stop complaining. I also think they should be involved in the preparation part some how (at least for a while) so that they’ll be aware at how much mom actually slaves away for them. Easy for me to say, we bring home take out most of the time! An interesting post I read recently on the clearing thing was:

    I really need to clear/purge/destroy my house when we get back.

    Hugs galore for you, wish I could visit you during our hols.

  3. Ah, just one of the many reasons I don’t cook! I’m not a happy person when I have to cook. I’ve been a little blue lately too. So doggone tired of the cold weather and being cooped up inside!

    Congrats on clearing out some clutter. That always makes me feel good. I try to donate our unneeded stuff at least once a month to keep it from building up too much.

    Hope you have a great hair cut! 😀

  4. Thanks you guys! You did cheer me up a bit with your kind words. And I love my haircut, so that helps too!

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