Sad Sophia

Sad Sophia, originally uploaded by Temeculamom.

Poor baby!! She is just 5 years old and in kindergarten. This was the day of her first Daddy/Daughter dance. Initially, she and her older sister had matching dresses, but, naturally, Isabella had to pick out another dress later. Sophia decided at the last minute that her dress wasn’t as pretty as Isabella’s, that her shoes weren’t right, and that she just generally didn’t look okay. She looked so adorable, but she was in a real state. “I look ugly, my dress is too big, my shoes don’t fit, everyone will laugh at me!” Seriously, she was hysterical on and off for an hour. I was busy trying to do her hair (while she cried and fought me) and get her ready in her pre-picked outfit, since she had no fallback clothes or shoes she could wear.

She finally got herself together enough to head out to dinner with Daddy and Isabella. My heart was so heavy as I watched them leave. I knew she looked pretty, but I hated that I couldn’t make her see that. I know that kind of self doubt, and it was killing me that it could start so young.

A few hours later, they were back, Sophia trailing a balloon, wearing a pipe cleaner crown and a huge grin.


When I asked if she had a good time, she told me, “Guess what, Mama? My friend Nicola was wearing the same dress! Isn’t that great?”


Thank God for small favors. Two days later she was still exclaiming over how cool it was that she and her friend had chosen the same dress.

And I can save my worrying till the next big emotional upheaval. I believe it’s due any minute now.


~ by bekaboo on May 17, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sad Sophia”

  1. Oh, my heart was breaking as I read this! It must have been so tough for you to hear her saying those things – things that you wouldn’t expect a little girl to say. But I guess it is true, they develop a real sense of “am I okay?” and “do I measure up?” at a young age nowadays. But the best thing is she came home happy and obviously had a wonderful time. I’m sure the fun times will have taken precedent in her mind over the tears beforehand. She’ll remember the happy bits.

  2. I am pleased this ended well. It scares me that this kind of thing starts so early for yong girls. In NZ they have started playing a Dove ad with young girls featuring in it and singing “True Colours” the message is that its okay to be you.

  3. Your photography is georgous! Poor baby, I am so glad she was all smiles afterwards though 🙂

  4. Oh dear it looks like your emotional roller coaster ride is starting early. Hopefully your Sophia will be able to gain enough confidence in herself not to have this much anxiety over her looks. And the incredible think is that she’s a gorgeous looking girl.

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