Please help me choose!

Profile, originally uploaded by Temeculamom.

I have an awesome friend who watches Sophia on Tuesdays, and she loves sepia photos. This is her little boy, and I wanted to blow up and frame one or more of these photos (probably to 5 x 7) for her. There are just four photos (you can click on them in the flickr banner to the right). Could you please let me know which one is your favorite? Thanks!!  Oh, of course I could do more than one.  I am open to any suggestions.  I am looking for some vintage frames to put them in.  I just want it to be a nice thank you gesture.


~ by bekaboo on May 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “Please help me choose!”

  1. See I am bias because you shared the profile one here and I really like that because you have him unaware. I also love duck and cowhand. I like the idea of a long frame with three photos in and If I had to choose I would go with profile, duck and cowhand.

  2. Well they’re all terrific Beka, but my favourites are Soaking and Profile.

  3. I love them all!! I simply can’t choose! GORGEOUS!

  4. So what did you choose in the end?

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