Started an Etsy Shop!


New necklace, originally uploaded by Temeculamom.

I have been making jewelry during my long sleepless nights, and this is one I’ve been wearing a lot lately. I always have a hard time parting with anything I make, but I have been selling to friends lately and getting compliments galore, so I decided to start putting things up on Etsy. This necklace features a section from a vintage jet rosary, an antique pearl bead, a decoration from one of my favorite vintage earrings (the kids ruined the match to it), a crystal from an old chandelier, and two beads from a vintage string of “pearls”.


~ by bekaboo on February 26, 2007.

5 Responses to “Started an Etsy Shop!”

  1. I love the necklace! Gorgeous and I feel the same way about selling things that I’ve made. I just have a really hard time with it. I just spent tonight doing some bracelets and a necklace and I just have to ignore the fact they aren’t for me. Love your thrift finds!!!! You have to tell me where you got them. I have a dear friend that just moved to Fallbrook and has me green with envy on the shops in her area.

  2. That’s so pretty! Good luck with the shop, I’m going to take a look right now.:)

  3. It’s beautiful!! I’ve never tried making jewellery before but it looks like fun!! Good luck with the shop, too.

  4. Beautiful!! Just lovely. I’ve seen 5-6 pieces of your jewelry and they are not only attractive, but very interesting and unique.

  5. It’s beautiful Becca…love it!! Good luck with your etsy shop I’m sure you’ll do well your very good at finding unusual things and vintage too.

    Thanks for the mixer I still need to get the paddle. by the way Happy Birthday Zach..the girls told me it was his birthday today.

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