Ran into an old friend


My Friend’s Daughter, originally uploaded by Temeculamom.

A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I went to a local park with their cousin, a friend of mine and her two kids. My friend, Micaela, and I were talking, when I happened to glance behind me. “Boy,” I thought, “that lady sure looks familiar.” Catching her eye, I asked, “Arsula?”

It was a friend of mine from 30 years ago!  I hadn’t seen her in close to 15 years, due to me leaving town for most of these years. But now I’m back in my home town, and there she was, not looking much different at all. It was fun to catch up on her life and get to meet her beautiful kids. It was hard to catch a photo, because they never sat still.  But, could her twins be any cuter?  I don’t think so.  I did take a picture of her too, but she is camera-shy and begged me to delete it.  I kept it for me, but I won’t post it, since she’d feel embarrassed.

Our two families met in New York in the 70’s and subsequently moved to the same town in California. Since we moved here first, Arsula, her parents and her brother moved in with us for several months and later moved a block away. Her parents have since gotten divorced, but her dad is still best friends with mine. Talk about Auld Lang Syne, huh?

What a cool day. I’m posting these cute pics of the grandkids for her father. Love you, Ronnie!


~ by bekaboo on February 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “Ran into an old friend”

  1. It’s always nice to run into somebody you knew from years ago … and even better when you are still able to talk like you’d always kept in touch 🙂

  2. AWWW they are cuties!! It is so wonderful to bump into old friends! It sounds like you two were close. Hopefully you keep in contact now!

  3. Nas, actually, I’m 13 years older than she is, so she’s a lot closer with my fourth sister. But she’s one of those people who’s just family no matter how long it’s been. A favorite memory to tease her about was her coming into the kitchen at my folks’ house, tears streaming down her face, declaring dramatically, “Nobody don’t like me no more!!” Poor Arsula, it became an instant family catch-phrase. Of course, they called me “Poor Pitiful Pearl” as a child, so I’m one to talk. ;p

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