Celebrate!! An update on our auto theft situation.

Pure Joy, originally uploaded by Temeculamom.

Been so busy uploading photos for friends lately, I’ve not had time to update you. Two days after my husband’s car was stolen, we got a call at 6:00 in the a.m. from the Tustin police. They had found our car. We got my sister to watch the kids, and went to go recover it.

It seems that the thief had parked it on the street where he lived (brilliant move #1). But you need a parking permit to park there. This guy was bold enough to steal the car, but not bright enough to steal a parking permit to tape in the window (brilliant move #2). The cops ran the plates and discovered it was stolen.

Everything we had in the car was gone, but the cop kept pulling out things to be sure they weren’t ours. Among his things were a knife and a brand new shovel. How creepy is that?! The cop looked at Nick and commented, “This sure looks like a crime kit, doesn’t it?”

They had staked out the car that morning, and when the thief saw them, he took off running. But his girlfriend stayed behind and spilled all. Seems he was already on parole. So now he’s back in Chino awaiting trial.

I was impressed by how seriously the police took the entire situation (much more so than on most TV shows). When we arrived there was a CSI taking fingerprints and photos. She was very cool.

Anyway, we are so delighted to have the car back. Especially as Nick had just dropped $2000 in to get it fully tuned up.



~ by bekaboo on February 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “Celebrate!! An update on our auto theft situation.”

  1. Yay! So glad you got the car back. I wondered if you might, because it seems very common for cars to be dumped or something after being stolen. Scary about the “crime kit” they found, but like you say, at least they were taking it all very seriously.

  2. Glad you got the car back we got our stolen one back though it was so trashed that we sold it.

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