Where my husband’s car should be

Where my husband’s car should be, originally uploaded by Temeculamom.

What a crappy start to the day. I’ve had the flu, so skipped church this morning. Nick decided to take the kids to brunch. They headed outside and discovered this: our lovely abandoned driveway with no sign of Nick’s car.

Let me say first that Nick drives a Lexus (oooooh! aaaaaah!). let me say second that it is a ’91 Lexus he got dirt cheap from the original owner. Sadly, he had no property insurance on this car, because he never figured anyone would want a sixteen year old car. So we will have to buy him a “new” car, unless a miracle happens and the car is found. Feel free to pray for us.

Guess we’re going to have to get a camera system for our house. We live in a low crime rate area, but when we were on vacation this summer, our neighbor saw a bunch of guys with their license plate covered with newspaper drive up to our house and start to go in. He called the cops, and the bad guys took off. Sheesh!!

Nick decided it wasn’t going to ruin his day and took the kids out to eat anyway. I barely had time to wash my face and throw some clothes on before the policeman showed up. He told me that cars are usually stolen to commit crimes in. Lovely.

Well, tomorrow has got to be better. At least the kids have a holiday from school, so Nick can take my car to work.


~ by bekaboo on February 12, 2007.

7 Responses to “Where my husband’s car should be”

  1. Oh no! That’s so disturbing. We had our (very old and decrepit) truck stolen from our driveway when I was a teenager (just meters from my bedroom window). Luckily they just took it for a joyride. After that my dad installed killswitches on every vehicle we owned. The car won’t start unless you flip that switch. Hugs to you. Stay safe.

  2. Julie, that’s a good idea. I will suggest it to Nick for our next car. Grrrr. We shouldn’t have to get a “next” car!

  3. oh man Beka-what a bad day!

  4. Hi Beka, thanks for commenting on my blog.
    I’m sorry to hear about the stolen car – that is rotten!
    Hopefully you can get it back … like the first poster said cars are sometimes just stolen to take on a joy ride.
    I hope your day gets a bit better!

  5. Thanks, Hannah! I have been looking for fellow scrapbookers online. We did get the car back this a.m. I’ll tell all about it tomorrow. 🙂

  6. Hey Beka. Glad to hear that ths story has a happy ending.

  7. Beka thats just awful not a great way to start the day we have had an old car stolen before as well and taken for a joy ride. Hope you get a new car sorted out quickly.

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